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  • Michelle Cotnoir, French
  • Sally Olson, German
  • Delphine HIll French
  • Kate Reigeluth, Spanish, Department Chair
  • Kim Stevenson, Spanish
World Languages

For continuation to the subsequent level in any world language class, students should have a C average or better and/or the permission of the instructor. Students must also have met the competencies of the previous level. Incoming students new to the Hopkinton School District will be placed appropriately based on prior student language experience and an evaluation by the instructor. Students must successfully complete level 2 of a world language in order to graduate from Hopkinton High School.

German 1 is not available in the high school and must be started in middle school.

German Courses:
  • German 2
  • German 3
  • German 4
  • German 5
French Courses:

French 2

French 3

  • French 4
  • French 5
Staff Members
Spanish Courses:
  • Spanish 1

Spanish 2

Spanish 3

  • Spanish 4
  • Spanish 5