AP Exam Registration

AP teachers should have sent parents/guardians via Aspen the registration information for AP exams. Students who are not in an AP class are also allowed to register to take a particular test. If this is the case, parents and students are encouraged to contact our AP Coordinator, Ms. Stern, via email at bstern@sau66.org.

You will find the exam fees on the registration form, including the late fees and cancellation fees. If a family qualifies for the Free/Reduced Lunch Program, they pay the reduced fee. Click here to access the registration form: AP Exam Registration Form

October 4th is the due date for the registration forms. Students or parents can return the completed form and payment to Mrs. Doval in the main office.

A reminder that the school cannot order an exam if the student does not join the AP classroom.

Draft Strategic Plan

We are pleased to share with you a draft of the Five-Year Strategic Plan for the Hopkinton School District that was presented to the school board at their May 3 meeting. As you may know, feedback earlier this year from community, staff, and student surveys played a large role in the development of this important document. We invite you to review this draft and share any feedback you may have via email at strategicplan@sau66.org by May 20, 2022.


The HSD Strategic Planning Steering Community