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Kate LaClair, Department Chair

Amanda Davitt

Greg Wider

Lauren Procek 7th Grade

Trish Walton 8th Grade


Students will take required English courses in grades 9 and 10. During their junior year, students are required to take a Rhetoric and Composition class, either at a general or AP level. Juniors may also take additional reading or writing electives based on their interests and schedules. As seniors, students take AP Literature and Composition or choose at least one writing-based and one literature-based elective course to complete graduation requirements in English. Students must pass both English 9 and American Literature to enroll in a junior course. Second-semester sophomores who have teacher-approval may enroll in available junior-senior electives (during the add/drop period for semester 2). Honors contracts may be available in non-honors courses. The successful completion of an honors contract will generate an asterisk beside the course name on a student's transcript.

Literature Courses:
  • World Literature
  • Shakespeare
  • Myth and Folklore
Writing Courses:
  • Journalism
  • Creative Writing
  • Public Speaking
  • Professional Writing
Staff Members
Full Year Courses:
  • English 9
  • English 9*
  • American Literature
  • American Literature*
  • AP English*

*Denotes Honors Course