Over the Counter Medication

Over the counter (OTC) medications can only be administered to students with written parent permission. The Annual Registration Health Form, now must be completed by parents/gaurdians through the Aspen portal. The form allows parents/gaurdians to select the medications that they allow the school nurse to administer to the student after evaluation.

Prescription Medication

In order to provide safe and therapeutic care for those students requiring medications during the school day, the following protocols must be followed:

  1. The parent or guardian must deliver all medications to the school. Students are not to carry any medications to or from school at any time.
  2. All medications are to be delivered in the original pharmacist or manufacturer labeled container. Any medication not delivered in these appropriate containers cannot be administered and will be returned to the parent/guardian.
  3. A written doctor's order and signed consent by the parent or guardian is needed for administration of any prescription medication.
  4. All medication brought to school will be held in the nurse’s office. Self-administration of medication is not allowed in school. The only exception to this is an inhaler or Epi-pen for students in grades 6-12. (See "Administration of Prescription Medications" for details.)

The following form must be provided at the beginning of each school year and anytime there is a prescription change:

Administration of Prescription Medications