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  • Melanie Thornley - Dept. Chair

  • Elizabeth Kovar

  • Joanne Lowe

  • Andrew Otto

  • Dave Shorey

  • Scott Zipke


The mathematics curriculum for Hopkinton Middle High School offers great flexibility to all students. Students may tailor their courses of study based on their skills, interests, or future goals. There is no single path to success. Students should involve their parents, school counselors, and mathematics teacher to determine what offerings best meet their needs. Students must meet any prerequisites and should have their mathematics teacher’s recommendation for any course they elect to enroll in.

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Algebra 1

  • Algebra 1A

    Algebra 1B

Algebra 2

  • Algebra 2A

    Algebra 2B


Advanced Algebra


Intro to Statistics

AP Statistics*

AP Calculus AB*

AP Calculus BC*

*Denotes Honors Course