Faculty and Staff

Staff emails are designated as first initial, last name @sau66.org

For example: Joe Smith is jsmith@sau66.org

Backman, Kathryn- Business & Computer Science Teacher

Bailey, Katelyn- English Teacher

Tracy Barker- Food Service Director

Baroody, Sara- Science Teacher

Beckwith, Alex- Instructional Assistant

Bergethon, Stephen- Instructional Assistant

Bernatas, Donna- Office Manager

Betz, Charlene- Library Assistant

Bonollo, Tori- Instructional Assistant

Borg, Chris- Science Teacher

Brand, Stijn- Science Teacher

Brizard, James- Mathematics Teacher

Brizard-Nicholson, Ashley- Special Education Case Manager

Calder, Anne- Instructional Assistant

Charron, Holly- Special Education Building Coordinator, Case Manager

Chase, David- Physical Education Teacher

Christie, Mathew- Project Lead The Way, Engineering Teacher

Conley, Kelly- Reading Teacher

Connor, Rena- Instructional Assistant

Cook, Amy- School Nurse

Cote, Mike- Technology Support Specialist

Cotnoir, Michelle- French Teacher

Davis, Cynthia- English Teacher

Denoncour, Brian- Instructional Assistant

Dickson, Mark- Science Teacher

Doval, Maria- Office Secretary

Ezen, Meaghan- Art Teacher

Fisher, Michelle- Guidance Secretary

Gagnon, Rebecca- Assistant Principal

Gattie, Bridgett- Music Teacher

Hassett, Leanne- Spanish Teacher

Hill, Delphine- French Teacher

Hohenberger, Kate- Health/Physical Education Teacher

Irizarry, Sarahjane- Instructional Assistant

Jonesinski, Renata- Special Education Case Manager

Kelley, Chris- Principal

Krogman, Matt- Social Studies Teacher

LaClair, Kate- English Teacher

Lajoie, Corrine- Director of Guidance, School Counselor

Levasseur, Leo- Wood Technology Teacher

Lowe, Joanne- Mathematics Teacher

Ludwick, Emily- School Psychologist

Main, Patricia- Instructional Assistant

Merrill, Jeffrey- Social Studies Teacher

Meserve, Dan- Athletic Director, Social Studies Teacher

Meserve, Danielle- SchoolCounselor, ELO Coordinator

Miner, John- Science Teacher

Montore, Tana- Office Secretary

Morin, Diana- English Teacher

Moskal, Pam- Social Studies Teacher

Muir, Cora- Behavior Specialist

Olson, Sally- German Teacher


Reigeluth, Kate- Spanish Teacher


Reinacher, Eileen- Special Education Case Manager


Rich, Shannon- Student Assistance Counselor

Roberts, Sue- Mathematics Teacher


Roy, Francis- Instructional Assistant

Roye, Pat- Special Education Case Manager


Sabol, Carol- Instructional Assistant


Scangas, James- English Teacher


Shorey, David- Mathematics Teacher


Sintros, Kate- Social Studies Teacher


Skarmeas, Nancy- Instructional Assistant


Stern ElGeneidy, Beth- Middle School Counselor, Career Development Teacher

Stetson, Frank- Technology Support Specialist

Stevens, Kim- Instructional Assistant


Thesing, Kathy- Instructional Assistant


Thompson, Noah- Facility Director

Thornley, Melanie- Mathematics Teacher


Walker, Caryl- Family & Consumer Science Teacher


Walton, Trish- English Teacher

Woolner, Robert- Social Studies Teacher


Zecha, Donna- Media Specialist


Zipke,Scott- Mathematics Teacher



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This year, Parent/Teacher Conferences can be scheduled online beginning October 24th . The link will be available when you log in to your Aspen Home page.Parent/Teacher Conference Days- Middle School
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Click the link for draft 2 of the Hopkinton School District Bus Route.https://drive.google.com/file/d/1V3e75tjnZydlP4dpv2WrxOdk9tJg7erq/view?u...
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Main Office hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 am until 3:30 pm.
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