WHAT IS SOCIAL DISTANCING...And why is it important?

This is not a snow day. The school building has been shut down for at least three weeks...Learning is transitioning to an online format. We are all facing being home for this extended time with just our kids and partners.  And I’ll say it again, THIS IS NOT A SNOW DAY. 

While it is very tempting to schedule playdates, coffee dates, late dinners out with friends - that is not the intent of the shutdown. 

As of this morning, New Hampshire has 13 documented cases of COVID-19, and several hundred more cases being evaluated. There is not yet any evidence to suggest community spread (meaning cases with no obvious contact source). We have heard over and over that young healthy patients are having very mild cases of the illness, and tend to recover quickly. Why should you and your family stay home?

We have passed the point where we can hope to contain the spread of the illness, so now we have to mitigate. It is crucial that we as a community do our part to slow the spread of the virus. No longer is it enough to avoid someone with a cough. We have to avoid other people, period. 

This is from Dr. Steve Silvestro:

Having a playdate—even if it’s a small one—defeats the purpose of everything shutting down.

If your family of four has another family of four coming over for a playdate—and that family had another family of four over just yesterday—you’re not now exposed to only four people’s germs, you’re exposed to eight. Worse still, let’s say your kid’s friend’s mom went grocery shopping before coming over and stood in line with twenty people. Now your primary and secondary exposure is to twenty-eight people’s germs—a whole classroom.

You can read his entire article here

Please follow the intent of this shutdown. If your kids are desperate to play, have an outdoor playdate. Stay away from playground equipment (where the virus can live for up to 45 hours), wash your hands thoroughly and frequently, and keep your hands off your face! I never realized how much I touch my own face until a few weeks ago. I’m thinking about this:

I can’t credit the artist on this one - my mom sent it to me in an email. 

If you have any concerns I can help with, please reach out to me via email:

In the meantime, stay well, stay home, and enjoy this unexpected time with your children. I know I’m planning to do just that. 

Nurse Amy


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