Welcome back to school!

I hope the first few days have gone smoothly for your students. If you haven’t done so already, please return your pink Emergency Information paperwork. If your child is in need of over the counter medications, this is what enables me to give it to them, without having to call home for permission.

If your child is planning to play a sport during the school year, we need to have a physical on file that was performed within the last two years. Most importantly, somewhere on the paperwork, it must state that your student is cleared for athletics.

Speaking of sports, a few things about concussions. Obviously, we talk about them a lot more now than even 10 years ago. It seems every passing year brings more information about the long term effects of head injuries, and all of it makes me want to make my own children wear helmets all the time (they have refused).  What we do know, is that the effects of even a minor head trauma can be felt for weeks, even months after the initial injury. And that a repeat injury, that occurs before the brain has healed from the initial injury, can have devastating, long-term consequences. A quick google search of concussion or CTE  (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy), will give you enough reading information to keep you awake for weeks.

Our athletes that play sports with a high probability of impact take an online test that provides us with a baseline prior to an injury.  By pre-testing, it enables their physicians to more effectively gauge when an athlete is ready to return to play after a head injury ( ). In the event that your child sustains a head injury during a practice or game, their coach will ask you to take them to the hospital or doctor’s office for evaluation. If they are diagnosed with a concussion, we will follow appropriate guidelines for your students return to school and sports (these parameters are typically provided by the diagnosing physician). Before your child can return to play they must be cleared by their physician, and this paperwork must be provided to the school.

I love listening to podcasts when I drive...  This is a link to a great one about concussions in children - . This podcast is one of my favorites for general care and feeding tips for children. The host is a pediatrician who does a great job of making medical information understandable for parents who aren’t in the medical field.

Please check back to this website throughout the year as I will update it with any information that might be pertinent as the year progresses. If you have any health related questions, please don’t hesitate to email or call me – my email address is You can reach me by calling the main number for the school 603-746-4167. 

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